Pickamour application for smartphones rely on serendipity and the immediate proximity of fellow users, and deliver quick acceptance or dismissal.

It helps meet new people in public places, like Theaters, Malls, Gas Stations and so on. It's for use for single people Only older than 18 years of age.

It works by GPS localize in proximity of hundreds of feet, showing who have Pickamour app in their smartphones.

The Pickamour idea came to me from watching in Craigslist - Personals - Missed Connections. Many of us felt that wonderful feeling which is called Love at First Site. When that happens you don't know how to deal with this situation.

MAG International, Inc. and his developer team delivers to you an powerful tool named PickAmour Application, for helping you to find your soul mate

We take your privacy seriously, and do not share anything without your permission. Email addresses are for log in purposes ONLY and are NOT visible to other users.

When a single person choose to download Pickamour Application, the first step is to log on either on iTunes Store for iPhone users, or on Google Play Store for Android users.

Pickamour app is not working with other OS. Next step is to register, where user should take a face picture for comparison for other users, after type name or nickname, password 6 or more symbols, DOB and length of usage in Options menu.

Registration will take from 15 to 30 min in order to be accepted by moderator. No nudity or other body parts except face picture, otherwise registration will be denied. That's Apple policy and we keep it in that way.

Once Pickamour application is approved, user can enjoy new form of dating. When user visits public place, she/he presses Pickamour logo on their smartphone, thus enables app to run and be visible to other users to the length of time set in Options menu. On GPS map will be a blue dot, showing position of first user.

Other users position will be marked as red dots. When other user sees first user, she/he make an app picture comparison to the real person face. From here, other user choose to send a "poke" or message to the first user.

The smartphone of first user make a sound, letting her/him that someone has interest. First user opens Pickamour app in their smartphone, make comparison with picture and real person, and decides to respond or deny conversation.